Thomas Katsonis, Civil Engineer

Thomas Katsonis, Civil Engineer
Thomas Katsonis, Civil Engineer

Ergo and PlanTarget of Ergo and Plan enterpise is the concept design and construction of buildings with special architectural appearance, special buildings for special people. Informed by any evolution of technology and keeping concern for the best service of customers.

Main principle is the respect of the needs of each one, having also in mind the importance of engineer’s work and vision.

  • Private residence with pool at Kalithea, Halkidiki
    Private residence with pool at Kalithea, Halkidiki, Greece

    Why did you choose this career in civil engineering?

It was just a choice. No family tradition on this field and nobody instructed me to follow this sector. I just did it. The struggle after that was harder and serious.

  • What is the Civil Engineer’s contribution to sustainable development?

All projects around us are made for living and evolving with them. Imagine a building without doors and windows. Imagine how you could live in a box like this. The role of a Civil Engineer is to transform projects, using the right materials, to efficient compositions that will upgrade the quality of life of people involving with them. I am not talking only about residence. The feeling of driving on a well designed road, the quantity of water used on farming without loss are some of subjects that a civil engineer can contribute to sustainable development.

PROJECTS, Ergo and Plan

Private Residence with pool in Panorama, ThessalonikiPrivate Residence with pool in Panorama, Thessaloniki, Greece

Private residence with pool at Paliouri ChalkidikiPrivate residence with pool at Paliouri Chalkidiki, Greece

Private residence with pool at Chanioti Chalkidiki, GreecePrivate residence with pool at Chanioti Chalkidiki, Greece

  • Tell us about the most challenging engineering project that you have been involved with during the past 3 years

Ministry of Health, Singapore

A project that unfortunately did not had the chance to know initially, but got it on it’s way to development, was the Sengkang General Hospital in Singapore, which was delivered to public on August 2018, offering 900 new beds to Ministry of Health, Singapore.

There was a challenge of some serious structural matters that had to be over-checked after the first conventional study of the building structural analysis and design.

  • Tell us about your greatest success in using a) logic and b) imagination, to solve an engineering problem.

It was not difficult … I can say it was exciting. I am talking about an old building with serious structural injuries, as it was never repaired after 45 years of the initial construction. You could see the corrosion of steel bars inside columns, beams and slabs. The new owner wanted to establish a massive pool on the top floor, cutting off an equal surface of slab. The new 50 tons of extra weight had to be efficiently supported by the old building.

  • What are the engineering megatrends for 2020-2030?

Private residence with pool at Kallithea Chalkidiki, Greece
Private residence with pool at Kallithea Chalkidiki, Greece

I think the desire of humanity to go high has never died. Since he cannot fly the only way to reach the sky is by designing high buildings. Big spans and economy in construction are matters that can be conquered.

  • How does the adoption of Building Information Modeling affect your profession in terms of collaboration and intellectual property?

We don’t work alone. We share knowledge. One engineer cannot do much. One team can do many. By BIM we can share all needed details on a single project without redesigning it by the risk of a mistake. After all the majority of software in nowadays follow the BIM principles.

  • How is artificial intelligence shaping the future civil engineering?

A.I. to ever replace the human’s mind and vision ?… I don’t think so … and I wouldn’t like so. There is a variety of conforts delivered by new technology that make use of a project easier. But depending on A.I. to take over critical decisions when human beings are involved with a project is probably a risk, considering about rights and law issues.

  • What is the best advice to young professionals who just kick off their career in Civil Engineering?

You will see a lot of nightmares until this become a dream. You will be set on your knees many times until you can stand up. Believe in yourself. Don’t make decisions in a rush. In the end it is you when they need your advice … it is you who need when they want to make their dreams and plans a reality.

Ergo and Plan Office, Nea Fokea, Kassandra, 630 77, Greece

Ergo and Plan

Our office is able to design
and construct any kind of project, such as:

• Private house buildings
• Complex of vacation residence
• Shopping centers
• Hotel resorts
• Commercial use buildings
• Storehouses

Our experience gives us the ability
to study special interest projects, such as:

• Reinforcement of existing buildings for stability improvement
• Construction of steel buildings of common use.

We provide cost estimate and 3D rendering appearance of any project, before taking final decisions.

Address: Nea Fokea, Kassandra, 630 77, Greece
Tel: 00306979272832
Facebook: Ergo and Plan
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